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Coaching Grades vol. 2: West


Hey everyone, before this starts, I would like to apologize for a slow down in activity, real life has been well, real life recently, so yeah. However on the plus side, there should be a weekend podcast coming up!

No matter how you feel about the heat, you have to applaud them for showing emotion about something outside of sports.

Race to the MVP, Rookie Report, Power Rankings, the Nower Rankings, and god knows what else is dedicated to analyzing the players and teams deserving the most and least deserving of praise.

Ranking’s are inherently flawed to to being a completely subjective structure. You could say “True Blood” is better than “The Wire” and after I laughed at you I wouldn’t be able to prove you wrong.

So take this with a grain of salt when I do these coaching rankings, especially when I say I havent watched a team a lot. The Coaching Grades will be done in the middle of every month, each with it’s own twist hopefully.


Let’s get on with it already: March

Southwest Division

  • Kevin McHale – Rockets(B) (Prev: C+) And so it continues. Klow goes down? Dragic go and do your thing, oh and everyone rebound the ball please, thanks. Really it is fun watching this Rockets team, it just seems like everyone knows their roles and just plays within them. Nobody is an exceptional rebounder or shooter, yet they manage to be a good rebounding team (12th in both O and D rebounding rates) and are currently 8th in eFG%. This team seems to be Darryl Morey’s least favorite, a team good enough to stick around the playoffs, but wont make any noise and cant really improve, but McHale has this team going on blast.
  • Gregg Popovich – Spurs(Pop) I am a Spurs fan, DO YOU REALLY WONDER WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY?
  • Lionel Hollins – Gristle(A+++++++++++) (Prev: C/C+) HE SIGNED GIL. I KNOW THE GM DID IT BUT GIL IS BACK. I know he is a shell of his former self, but jesus Gil was my favorite player when I fell in love with the game. Oh, and Z-Bo is back, meaning the Spurs and Thunder hope these guys get the 6th seed.
  • Monty Williams – Hornets(C) (Prev: C) I still don’t think it’s fair to really blame Monty for this team, and for how awful they have been he must be commended with how hard he gets these guys to play. Who really can you say has been the “best” player for this team since EG has been out all year. Ariza? Mek? Ayonsanity? They actually are getting outscored by less than 5PPG, which rates then 25th in the league, but much better than one would expect from this roster.
  • Rick Carlisle – Mavs(B+) (Prev: B+) Well they are still a below average offensive team, but they are improving in that and their defense is still a top 5 monster. They make up for being a bad offensive rebounding team with their powerful defensive numbers. I am not a big fan of playing Delonte this much, but based on their non Terry alternatives, I guess I understand. I still think they are a tragically flawed team that lacks the guard play to make another deep run, but Carlisle has them going hard.

Northwest Division

  • Scott Brooks – Thunder(C) (Prev: C) Derek Fisher is pretty much the new head coach, I think Brooks spends more time on his hair than trying to create an offense.
  • Kaleb Canales – Blazers(LOLWUT) Who can honestly say, this team is just so disappointing.
  • Tyrone Corbin – Jazz(A-) (Prev: A-) The Jazz just won’t die. I mean as long as the Clippers play like they are right now for the rest of the season, the Jazz should make the playoffs. They have 3 starting caliber bigs and a rookie who projects to become a defensive anchor. But outside of those 4, the team lacks so much. Their bench has interesting pieces, but the consistent production isn’t there.  They are a below average shooting team and make their bones through their strengths, they rarely turn it over, force turnovers and rebound the piss out of the opposition. This past month has seen more emphasis on feeding the youngin’s, with mostly good results.
  • George Karl – Nuggggz(B+) (Prev: B+) More injuries? Check. Signing Wilson Chandler because having 10 quality players isnt enough apparently? Check. Trading away Nene for “The Vale”? Check. Still being 5 games over .5o0? Check. I just hope JaVale on “The Association” Is the funniest stuff ever. On the court Karl has done a great job adapting on a nightly basis, and recently the adaptation has involved having Afflalo go off.
  • Rick AdleMAN – Wolves(Does it really matter anymore) Goodnight sweet Rubio, you were so young. We will miss you so.

Pacific Division

  • Vinny Del Black – Clippers(F-) (Prev: D+) DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE.
  • Alvin Gentry – Suns(B) (Prev: C) How? What? Gortat? Nash is pretty much the most dynamic player in the game not named LeBron or Dwight, and Gentry has actually created the bastard child of seven seconds or less with a zone offense. It is weird to see at first, but it could actually lead this awful team (outside of Nash/Thortat/Hill/Morris I see little in the ways of rotation talent) to a good record. Gentry has held the title of players coach for good reason it seems, as he continues to meld his system to the players.
  • Mike Brown – Lakers(C-/C/C+) (Prev: C-/C/C+) I feel no matter what he does, Kobe has to approve. I LOVE the addition of Sessions and the idea of using him as a 6th man though, because really Kobe knows that having more off the ball time is good for everyone, including him. I still worry what happens when the team needs to play from behind, because as the roster is constructed it is a scary thought for them.
  • Keith Smart – Kangz(B) (Prev: B/B+) I realize I was too high on him last time, but I still like him and thus I still give him a B. DMC has done so much better with him as the coach, and now instead of hearing “LULZ HES IMMATURE” we hear about what he does in the community. Reke/Zeke is still interesting and a high risk/reward style, but I like it. He still does not developing his bench, but ah well, he’s doing all he can.
  • Mark Jackson – Warriors(C-) (Prev: C+) Warriors fans are depressed, the owner for some reason is the root of all evil, and Monta is gone while Brandon Roy’s knee’s now occupy Steph Curry’s ankles. Mark Jackson seems to be focues more with turning Klay Thompson into jesus 2.0 than anything else, I don’t see him as a long term option.
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