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The New York Knicks are gonna start trying people!



So much has already been written about the Knicks, so excuse me if I keep the intro to this brief: 18-24, tied for 8th place in the east but lose the tiebreaker to the bucks, 6th highest payroll in the NBA. Amare. Melo. LINSJDGQW. Mike ‘Antoni trying to coach. Steve Fucking Novak. So much to say for all of these (Although the Novak one is in under 140 Tas Melas characters) but I don’t wanna write about awful contracts, horrible hyperbole, and horribly awful coaches, so why am I writing about the Knicks? Because they are officially going to try now guys.

Well according to the NY Times that is.

Stoudemire then made a plea for more professionalism in the locker room, saying that players need to show up earlier, with more focus and a more serious attitude.

“The joking around has to stop at some point,” he said. “We got to take this game very serious, especially in a time where now we’re in the eighth seed and we’re not playing well. So the time is now.”

Stoudemire did not offer specifics. But there was some horseplay in the locker room before the game, with one player throwing a chunk of food at Mike Bibby.

“There’s no time for fun and games right now,” Stoudemire said.

I can only imagine Amare in the locker room.

You hear that everyone? No more fun. No more making fun of Mike’s facial hair. No more replacing Baron’s beard cream with yogurt, no more spanish national team signs to Lin. No more asking Melo to buy you a new suit whenever he jacks up a bad shot. And it’s time to take some accountability for myself, I will limit my lazy layups and only take those mid range jumpers. Now look guys, just because we are assembled worse than my knee’s doesn’t mean we should quit. Aw fuck it parter at JR’s!

Now thinking about it, what else would be solved if NBA players just tried?

  • Breaking: Dwight Howard has admitted he should have no involvement in front office moves after reading the new CBA
  • Stephen Jackson get’s traded to team “x”, shockingly does not ask for lifetime extension.
  • “Well we are halfway through the first quarter and the Pistons are 0-7 from the field, and the Bobcats Biyombo has 7 blocks”
  • Breaking: Shaq has accepted he should not be on our TV’s if he is not on the court, resigns from TNT.
  • Kobe Bryant scores 15 points on 6-12 shooting, has 7 assists, lakers win by 17.
  • Andray Blatche has spontaneously combusted during Wizards practice.
  • Manu Ginobili now has a full head of hair.
  • The Timberwolves have 14 made field goals and Rubio has 20 assists.
  • Michael Beasley just won defensive player of the year! (I kid, I kid)
  • Hedo Turkoglu admits to finally trying, notches triple double, city of Orlando dies happy.
  • Breaking: Kendrick Perkins just complimented a teammate.

The pod cast is coming soon!

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