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How good has Bismack’s defense been as a rookie?


I live for Bismack Biyombo highlights, it’s actually really creepy how much I love him. Rookie’s with freakish wingspan (HIS ARMS GO PAST HIS KNEES) and defensive knowledge just make me all warm and gushy inside. Not that twitter is much different but still, I feel my love is nearly unrivaled. So of course this article is going to be biased. Anyway we are going to look at how he has been compared to other known amazing defensive bigs a rookies or early on his his career.

First let’s go balls deep for The Mack. He will be the only one we will be able to use Synergy for, and for some others we will likely not have that many different sources. Bismack has an okay DRating of 104, but an insane block% of 7.5 (2nd in the NBA to Ibaka’s 8.4) getting more blocks than fouls [they account for shooting fouls and other fouls]  (a 1.29 block per foul ratio) and has a block rating of 16.2 (compared to Dwights 7.8, Ibaka’s 10.8, Hibbert’s 8.4, and DeAndre Jordan’s 7.7) all of which are very good. Add in a 0.9 PPP overall and a .55 off the Pick-and-Roll and you see a very good defender. But how does he compare to some of the recent impact defense bigs? We are going to look at Dwight, Deke, Zo, KG, and Duncan for this article, but I could have picked many more.

Comparing him to Dwight actually leads to some interesting numbers. They both had 104 DRatings, and Dwight posted a nearly identical (1.17) Blocks per foul ratio, but other than that it would seem like Bismack did much better. Dwights 3.6 block%, while good, pales when compared to Biyombo’s. A Block rating of 7.7 also doesn’t make it seem like Dwight was the much better defensive player. Of course Dwight augmented it with his tenacious rebounding, something that Bismack is good at but not at Dwights level. As weird as it seems, in terms of rate statistics Bismack is having a better season than Dwights rookie year.

Deke and Zo comparions are a little harder to make, not only because there is less data around, but because they are from a different era. The game was much more physical and interior based, and while Block Percentage was almost universally down, blocks themselves were up and there were less fouls. While Zo and Deke had a worse DRating and Block%, they simply had better years relative to the league. Each cleared 3 blocks a game, had really good block% for their years (both top 4) and simply played a lot more than Bis has. While they did foul more, it was at a similar pace to Bismack and likely had similar, if not better Block-to-Foul ratios. It is open to interpretation, but when you factor in era’s and how much these guys played, both are better than Bismack.

When you look at Duncan, it just isn’t really that fair. Duncan came into the NBA with a 95 DRating, leading the league in defensive win shares, posted a worse block% than Bismack but also had a much better foul rate (Bismack averages a foul every 7.7 minutes, Duncan averaged 12.6 minutes) and also was just better. KG on the other hand is much more favorable, posting a 107 DRating, similar foul rates, and a worse block%. They have similar body types and KG getting to play his natural position of PF helps more than Bismack learning how to play C. Obviously this doesnt take into account how KG impacted other areas and all that, but still I DON’T CARE BISMACK!!!! Anyway, it looks like Duncan>>Bismack but he actually has done better than KG

Look, I am just trying to suck off Bismack here, and I know he would be lucky to ever reach any of these guys peaks, but he has shown a rare impact on defense that projects to only get better, especially if he can slide back to PF. He is never going to be an offensive force, but his defensive impact cannot be overstated. I LOVE YOU BIYOMBO

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  1. 03/13/2012 4:18 PM


    Kidding. That actually is quite impressive. Like those before him, he needs to get stronger, the brutish guys push him around like their prison bitches, but he has great timing, good instincts, and looooong arms.

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