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Does anyone really have a Need4Sheed?


From Rotoworld earlier today:

Rasheed Wallace has reportedly worked out for the Heat, but remains uncertain as to whether or not he’ll return to the NBA.’Sheed has been linked to the Lakers and the Heat, but is taking his time in making a decision. He could very well have enough left to help out a contender, but it’s unlikely that he’ll be in line for heavy minutes if he does come back.

From Rotoworld on February 24th:

According to Comcast SportsNet New England, Rasheed Wallace is set to sign with the Lakers.Because the Lakers only have 14 players on their roster, they can add Wallace and not have to waive a player to make room for their newest addition. Adding ‘Sheed may fuel rumors that the Lakers are looking to move Pau Gasol, but sources say adding Wallace is a move that will add depth to the Lakers bench, not a prelude to another deal.

Obviously the Sheed to LA rumors have taken a nose dive, but with the heat rumor, everyone’s favorite psychopathic bigman might make a comeback, but the issue I have is, does he really have anything left? Let me preface this by saying I think I am pretty unbiased about Sheed the player, even if I do love the crazy.

Long known as one of the best defensive bigs in the NBA, Sheed also carried around the reputation of being one of the most talented offensive (so if you can read context, you will notice this means overall) players, but one who cut his historical (from a media standpoint mind you) impact by being a passive player for much of the time, with five seasons of more than 4 threes a game (and one of 3.9) and almost a lock to finish in the 12-13 shots a game area. He added extra value from his hatred of all things turnovers, finishing as a 10% turnover rate guy for his career (for reference Webber was at 12%, KG is at 11.8% and Duncan is at 12%) and generally a good guy to have play for your team. However this is not a historical analysis, this has to do with the here and now, and if anyone really should have a Need4Sheed

Most projections take the last 2-3 years a player was playing, notes for injuries and team, and goes to work. With Sheed this is a little harder so first let’s set up what we value. His final two seasons are what we will take into account, weighing the Celtic season more than the final Detroit one. You can see that the final Detroit season only a large issue of a low FG% (Almost half of his shots were three’s also) was a easy worry to see, but a drop in PER and Win Shares also allowed for a guess of regression going into his 15th season. After signing the deal with the Celtics it was easy to get excited about Sheed off the bench, but his offense pretty much retired the year before. He shot under 30% from three, had the worst TS% and eFG% of his carrer, and he had lost almost all of his ability to create his own shot. (75% of his baskets were assisted) His defense was fading fast also, fouling more and stopping less players. Some of it could be linked to nagging injuries, but that did not stop him from retiring soon after Boston’s game 7 finals loss he started in the place of Kendrick “Perkisabeast” Perkins. Now a new CBA and a year and a half later, he want’s to comeback as a 37 year old who is 53rd in basketball history in minutes played? Excuse me if I doubt.

He would be lucky to play 15 minutes, and thats before factoring what team he goes to or how many fouls he would pick up. His lateral quickness and first step are gone, and as a spot up shooter, you have to wonder if he has any lift left on his shot. He still likely won’t turn the ball over much, but that’s not what you want to be your best skill as a big when all your others have gone away. I love Sheed, but please man, you need to let it go.

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