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Its different, but you’ll learn to like it


Skeptical dog is skeptical of change


Whats funny is that is what I always say to girls. Anywhozle, Im Van Swagtic as you can see. I was brought on to be the (main?) baseball writer on this here basketball(lol wut) blog. What you can expect of me is simple, I’m snarky and sarcastic to the point where you’ll think I hate sports. The truth is I dont. I love sports. They’re fun and stuff.


I hope to add some more content to this bolg and keep it fresh and interesting, unlike your mothers in bed. One regular feature I hope to have is something called “Extension Roulette.” We’ll cover what that is when the time comes up(yay suspense!). While I tend to be snarky and sarcastic I do hope that I cant inform some of you by providing analysis of events and happenings around the MLB. I hope to bang out a few posts a day during the season, and I hope to be drunk for most of them. That in itself should be entertaining.


-Van Swagtic

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  1. 02/28/2012 8:46 PM

    The fuck are you?

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