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Action Items for each team in the 2nd half


First post of two today. The second post is more interesting when it comes to the future of this site, but this is the one that covers sports.

Action Items for each team are pretty much whatever I find interesting to look for in the second half.

Atlantic Division

  • Raptors: Tank Nation rolls on. Look for some of the younger guys to get more PT, and expect them to shop Calderon and Barbossa pretty hard.
  • Nets: Make or break time. If they don’t get Dwight they might cry hysterically and blow this all up, and by all I mean Deron and try to best Tank Nation.
  • Sixers: Get a scoring big, trying to figure what to do late in games, get Doug Collins his COY and Iggy his all D team.
  • Celtics: Either blow this up or we are going to see one of the most painful cases of an aging giant. No matter what happens, they won’t get the best value from it.
  • Knicks: Ride the Lin wave, try to revive the corpse of Amare, get Melo doing Melo things, finish above .500

Southeast Division

  • Wizards: Trade one or hopefully both of Blatche/McGee, get the best out of John Wall, try to see if there are really any keepers besides Wall.
  • Heat: Kill everyone.
  • Magic: Make a final decision with Dwight, and if he’s leaving start the youth movement, if he stays try to bring in Steve Nash or someone else.
  • Hawks: Finalize rotations, Watch Joe Johnson burn.
  • Bobcats: MOAR BISMACK, less everyone else.

Central Division

  • Bulls: Thibs resting someone at some point. Wrapping up the division some time next week
  • Pacers: Try to have Danny Granger be efficient from here on, depth on depth on depth.
  • Cavs: Lose the vets, maintain Kyrie’s minutes, try to get Thompson in the game more, begin the tank fest.
  • Bucks: Fire Skiles,  bench SJax.
  • Pistons: Let Greg Monroe Troll. Rinse and repeat.

Northwest Division

  • Jazz: Finally collapse under the weight of the corpses that serves as their back court.
  • Blazers: Attempting to solve the PG flux will create some weird rotations, LAMA produces at crazy
  • Nuggets: Getting healthy is the key, and trying to get Wilson Chandler back would help. Look for Faried to get more burn.
  • Wolves: Attempting to get a wing is more important than any game results, Pek continues to impress, Rubio’s efficiency shooting climbs up

Southwest Division

  • Spurs: Bringing Manu back is key, managing TP and allowing for more spot starts also occurs
  • Mavs: Keeping Dirk alive becomes the central topic in the city, finding production from PG and C please.
  • Rockets: Are they more like the team that started 3-7 or the one that has been on a tear since then. We all know Daryl Morey wants to get the star though. Can Kyle Lowry maintain his level of play with such poor shooting?
  • Hornets: Gustavo Ayon wins the undrafted rookie of the year award, Anthony Davis jersey’s are fitted.
  • Grizzlies: Having all the eggs in the ZBo basket will either have them be a threat for any team once again or leave them struggling around .500

Paclipic Division

  • Clippers: Hopefully finding more wing play. Free Eric Bledsoe, Kill VDN.
  • Lakers: We need more Chaz, Less Kobe going Mamba, more (read: any) bench help, and less road losses.
  • Warriors: Steph Curry getting metallic ankles, forgetting the David Lee contract, finding a way to see Klay Thompson on the floor.
  • Suns: #FreeSteveNash, Gortat is Gortat, Morris is a top 5 rookie.
  • Kings: Everyone is so damn happy about the team staying that when the King’s have an improved 2nd half the entire city climaxes.
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