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Thoughts from around the league: 2/22/12


Because not all of my post’s can be over 2000 words

  • Iman Shumpert has pulled out of the dunk contest, citing his need to rest his knee. He has been replaced by Jeremy Evans, whose dunks can be found up top. While the dunk contest still doesn’t have the name power it should have, any excuse to watch Jeremy Evans defile the hoops is awesome.
  • Joe Johnson has pulled out of both the ASG and the three point contest due to knee tendentious. Replacing him in the respective events are Rajon Rondo and Kevin Durant. As much as I like Rondo, he simply has not been up to par this year over a Josh Smith or even potentially Deron Williams, however it is better than putting Lin in. I guess this is another move to show that the NBA is trolling us all. Kevin Durant, a player who I do not have a weird obsession with (since then I have gotten a Kevin Durant hat, to go with my world championship shirt) and a better selection for the shoot out anyway, but still is not ranked in the top 10, or 20, or 50, or 60 (he ranks 61) in 3pt%, so his case is more that he is a superstar.
  • Nike released the 2012 Olympic jerseys recently and they are bleh. I mean they are not awful besides the fact that USA is an arrow, but the 2008 ones were just amazing, and these are a step down.
  • Durant (because maybe I do have an obsession) and Westbrook are in full on DurantBrook mode, and are the top 2 scorers for the month of February. they are combining for more than 50% shooting and making more than 10 free throws during this stretch also.
  • Bismack Alert!: After breaking Nikola’s ankle’s as a penalty for besting him, I decided to look at the mack’s numbers and he averaging 5/7/.5/2/1 in around 25 minutes a night this month.
  • George Hill is expected to make his return tonight, and I wish the best for him as his team will likely sodomize the Bobcats. (#PrayForCardboardGerald)
  • Chaz is officially my favorite front office exec in any sport ever
  • Dennis Johnson died 5 years ago today.
  • It was this day in 2001 that Deke was traded to the Sixers. Larry Brown orgasms commenced
  • With 6 more points Jason Terry will reach 16k points, and two more three’s for Nash will get him to 1600.
  • Carlos Boozer and Mario Chalmers both attended HS in Alaska. No wonder they both love Miami.
  • The New Jersey Net’s have the smallest chance of getting into the playoffs of teams who havnt already been “preliminated”


May you survive the night, I need more page views.

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